Monday, March 2, 2009

Opening a Link in a Window in Safari for the iPhone

I was looking around for a way to open a link in a new window in the iPhone Safari. I found out, much to my chagrin, that there isn't a native solution (I figured tapping with two fingers or something like that would do it, but no such luck). I did, however, find this cool little bookmarklet called Tabulate the web problem solvers over at Inventive Labs.

The tabulate bookmarklet replaces all of the links in a page with a small script. When you click on a link, it will open this prompt:Tabulate Prompt
You have the option of flagging the page to open later, opening the page in the current window, or my favorite &emdash; opening the page in a new window!

The only problem is that I hate syncing my iPhone so I have no way to install the thing. I posted a demo article about my Online Image Thumbnailer which included an iPhone installation method that I'm actually reusing for Tabulate as well.

So, here is the iPhone local installation procedure:
The Tabulate Bookmarklet.

Have fun!

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