Saturday, April 4, 2009

Using Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo PipesI was looking for a good way to combine a set of RSS feeds into one feed. I saw several web based services out there, but none was quite good enough for my needs. In my research, I happened across Yahoo Pipes. In about 3 minutes, I logged in, added 6 feeds, sorted them by publication date, and selected the top 25. Now, I have one RSS feed to aggregate everything including my two blogs (computing and aviation) and the comments from each one as well as my picasa albums and their comments.

The next thing you know, I have twitterfeed reading from that RSS feed and updating my twitter. The twitter facebook application then updates my statuses. Combining all of these services lets pretty much all of my friends and professional contacts know what I'm up to and what I'm publishing. Good stuff.

The only problem so far is that the twitter statuses look a bit confusing when I'm setting my facebook status to someone's comment on one of my blogs. I'm glad it's published, but I'm going to be looking into some of the transformations available in Yahoo Pipes to see if there's a way I can prefix posts to identify them as blog posts vs. comments.

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