Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Regular Expression Search Bookmarklet

iPhone BookmarkletsI have an old website where I keep most of my bookmarklets. I'm planning on deprecating that site and just putting up some personal stuff (since I don't do what that site says I do anymore).

This bookmarklet is probably my most used bookmarklet. Basically, you enter a regular expression and each match in the page will be highlighted. It cycles through 16 color schemes to change the highlight color.

If you just want to install the bookmarklet, grab this link and drag it onto your bookmarklet toolbar in your browser.
Regex Search

If you want to use it on your mobile device, you can use my Mobile Bookmarklet Installer Bookmarklet (which, by the way, will install itself too).

I'm sure it doesn't work in IE, but I haven't tested it in a really long time. If you'd like to see what it would do in IE if IE didn't suck so badly, just click it.

If you're interested in the code, here it is!
// check to see if the variable searches has been defined.
// if not, create it.  this variable is to cycle through 
// highlight colors.
if (typeof(searches) == 'undefined')
  var searches = 0;

    // just some variables
    var count = 0, text, regexp;

    // prompt for the regex to search for
    text = prompt('Search regexp:', '');

    // if no text entered, exit bookmarklet
    if (text == null || text.length == 0)

    // try to create the regex object.  if it fails
    // just exit the bookmarklet and explain why.
      regexp = new RegExp(text, 'i');

    catch (er)
      alert('Unable to create regular expression using text \'' + text + '\'.\n\n' + er);

    // this is the function that does the searching.
    function searchWithinNode(node, re)
      // more variables
      var pos, skip, acronym, middlebit, endbit, middleclone;
      skip = 0;

      // be sure the target node is a text node
      if (node.nodeType == 3)
        // find the position of the first match
        pos = node.data.search(re);

        // if there's a match . . . 
        if (pos >= 0)
          // create the acronym node.
          acronym = document.createElement('ACRONYM');
          acronym.title = 'Search ' + (searches + 1) + ': ' + re.toString();
          acronym.style.backgroundColor = backColor;
          acronym.style.borderTop = '1px solid ' + borderColor;
          acronym.style.borderBottom = '1px solid ' + borderColor;
          acronym.style.fontWeight = 'bold';
          acronym.style.color = borderColor;
    // get the last half of the node and cut the match
    // out.  then, clone the middle part and replace it with
    // the acronym
          middlebit = node.splitText(pos);
          endbit = middlebit.splitText(RegExp.lastMatch.length);
          middleclone = middlebit.cloneNode(true);
          middlebit.parentNode.replaceChild(acronym, middlebit);
          skip = 1;

      // if the node is not a text node and is not
      // a script or a style tag then search the children
      else if (
        node.nodeType == 1
        && node.childNodes
        && node.tagName.toUpperCase() != 'SCRIPT'
        && node.tagName.toUpperCase != 'STYLE'
        for (var child = 0; child < node.childNodes.length; ++child)
          child = child + searchWithinNode(node.childNodes[child], re);

      return skip;

    // use the search count to get the colors.
    var borderColor = '#' 
      + (searches + 8).toString(2).substr(-3)
      .replace(/0/g, '3')
      .replace(/1/g, '6');
    var backColor = borderColor
      .replace(/3/g, 'c')
      .replace(/6/g, 'f');

    // for the last half of every 16 searhes, invert the
    // colors.  this just adds more variation between
    // searches.
    if (searches % 16 / 8 >= 1)
      var tempColor = borderColor;
      borderColor = backColor;
      backColor = tempColor;

    searchWithinNode(document.body, regexp);
    window.status = 'Found ' + count + ' match'
      + (count == 1 ? '' : 'es')
      + ' for ' + regexp + '.';

    // if we made any matches, increment the search count
    if (count > 0)


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