Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cow Says Moo for Android - Teach Your Kids Farm Animal Sounds

Cow Says Moo Feature Image

James, my partner in Mobile Magic Developers, and I have a handful of Android applications under our belts now. We loved working on Chinese Whispers, an idea my wife gave me for a new twist on The Telephone Game. James wrote an immensely handy application for getting your WiFi Passwords from your phone.

I wrote the Chuck Norris Fact of the Day Widget and the Jane Austen Fact of the Day Widget, and James wrote a really nice widget that shows you your last few installed applications called Latest Apps.

But… Then we Wrote Cow Says Moo

Cow Says Moo is definitely my favorite so far. Many of my friends and family are having babies now and my wife and I have one on the way. I noticed that kids are growing more and more interested in technology and are remarkably capable with it. My niece loved playing with my Motorola Xoom and I loved the way her face lights up when she touches the screen and something happens. That's where we got the idea for Cow Says Moo.

Cow Says Moo is an educational game to teach young kids and toddlers about farm animals and the sounds they make. Each picture is hand illustrated by Emily Upchurch Robinson and when pressed plays farm animal sounds. You can use the front facing camera on your device (or the rear camera if you prefer) to record video and sound while your child interacts with your mobile device or while you simply delight him or her with the sounds. You can use the built in media gallery to share your videos with friends and family. You'll be surprised how much fun you'll have playing Cow Says Moo with your kids and you'll get a lot of cute video footage like I did "User Acceptance Testing", i.e., playing Cow Says Moo with my godson AJ.

Check out Cow Says Moo, and as always, feel free to contact us with any comments or bugs.

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