Friday, May 27, 2011

The Beginning of Autopilot Consulting, LLC

If you follow my blog, there are a few things I'd imagine you know about me:
  1. I love writing software!
  2. I love feeling like I'm improving the lives of my customers.
  3. I love feeling like I'm doing my job well.
  4. I love flying airplanes.

I Love Writing Software!

This is the very reason I got into the software industry in the first place. I get such a thrill out of a good days work programming. I love the challenge of solving problems as quickly, creatively, and efficiently as possible. A software engineer not only thinks about solving problems, but thinks about thinking about solving problems. Our craft is always changing and growing and it's great to be a part of this community.

Improving the Lives of my Customers

Whether I'm your employee, I'm a contractor for you, or you purchase my commercially available software, my goal is to find some way to improve your life. I've worked in paperless onboarding, business process automation, data warehousing, entertainment, e-commerce, insurance, pharmaceutical research, and academia.

There's one thing I've found in common no matter what kind of software I've been writing. That is that I find the most joy in my work when I can change peoples lives for the better. I like to think that some of the work I have done has bettered the human condition, and I am hopeful that my work will continue to do so.

Doing my Job Well

If I'm not doing my job well, I shouldn't be doing it. If I know I'm not doing a good job, I'm not satisfied with my work. If I'm not satisfied with my work, my customers can't be satisfied with my work. Sometimes you find yourself in a position where you can't meet your full potential. Other times, you don't know what your full potential is.

It is for this reason that I've decided to strike out on my own and form my own software company. I've been developing software for a long time working for various companies. I've decided that starting my company will allow me to touch the lives of more people.

I hope to continue consulting in the software industry while I build my library of commercial products including web based services and mobile applications.

Flying Airplanes

About the same time I got my first job with the word "programmer" in the title, I started flying airplanes. Since then I've flown tailwheel, multi-engine, upside down, through the clouds, and I can't get enough. One thing I've learned is that sometimes an airplane has so much going on, that you just can't do everything by yourself. That's why some planes require 2 pilots.

That's also why a lot of airplanes have autopilots. An autopilot is there to take care of going where you tell it to so you can focus on the important things. That's why Autopilot Consulting is here. We want you to focus on what's important &emdash; your business; we will handle the technology.

Together, we'll grow your business and improve the lives of your customers.

Do more. Work less. Put your business on autopilot.