Thursday, August 6, 2009

iPhone Bookmarklet to Install iPhone Bookmarklets

iPhone BookmarkletsAs a software engineer and a web developer, I have really grown to love the bookmarklet. I have a Regex Search Bookmarklet, my favorite javascript shell bookmarklet from Jesse's Bookmarklets, and of course, you've seen my blog post on Tabulate from the clever folks at Inventive Labs. However, installing bookmarklets on the iPhone without help from a computer is a royal PITA.

That's why I wrote the iPhone Bookmarklet Installer.

If you're interested in how it works, you can find details on my iPhone Installer Bookmarklet blog post. But, the short version is that I use Javascript to loop through all of the links on the page and make them look like anchor tags so you can just bookmark them on the iPhone and remove everything before the anchor tag character '#'.

With that out of the way, here's how you use it:
  1. Run the bookmarklet on this page by clicking the iPhone Bookmarklet Installer. You should see all of the bookmarklets on this page change styles (They'll look something like this).
  2. Click the bookmarklet you wish to install (n.b., the page won't reload).
  3. Bookmark the page.
  4. Edit the bookmark and remove everything up to and including the # character.
  5. Name the bookmarklet appropriately.
  6. Save and enjoy.


  1. bookmarklet (send yourself "stuff" from the web):

    Send anything using from your iphone:


    ...Just change the "XXX" to your username

  2. I like you approach to bookmarklet installation. I wrote an article outlining installing the Delicious bookmarklet, but my process' downside is the copy/paste of the bit of JavaScript. Great work around.

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  4. Thanks, this is great, been using it for ages. Building up some of my favourite bookmarklets at